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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Transformer 2  

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I'm pretty sure many people who watched will be writing a review as well..and many of those who haven't watch will be crazy booking tickets and even queue for whole day to get it. well, it happens at my place =)

It is a really great movie..this review is not gonna be very long. since its a "must watch" movie, and those who watched transformer 1 would probably watch the 2nd movie..i don't have to write a long one.

To be honest i feel the movie is abit too long and draggy, and the ending is too fast~If you notice the camera work, it was as the actors. Michael Bay is a great director. i guess younger directors are more daring in doing action movies? Explosion are real..that's gonna kill the actors hey!!!of course not..just a joke!!

Megan Fox...getting hotter and hotter... well, i feel the director too emphasize on her hotness..those are scene that i think can be cut don't kill me guys!!

And of course...the's perfectly done!!!not even a mistake that would make us say "wow looks fake"..i'm impress with that..and it makes me even stress for now im taking animation and gonna fail it..haha..there are too many great animators out there..and transformer's animation is great!!

the conclusion is the movie is great =.=...WORTH WATCHING...and please watch it..!!

alright i gonna stop here..i know it's short but i don't have much time now...feel free to drop a comment or review for the would be great to see what u guys think of the movie =)

ANYWAY!!that's my personal view..hope i didn't offend anyone..