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Sunday, May 2, 2010

The United States Of Leland  

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The United States of Leland is a 2003 American drama film by director Matthew Ryan Hoge and producer Kevin Spacey about a meek teenaged boy named Leland P. Fitzgerald (Ryan Gosling) who has inexplicably committed a shocking murder. In the wake of the killing, his teacher in prison tries to understand the senseless crime, while the families of the victim and the perpetrator struggle to cope with the aftermath.

( from: wikipedia )


I've been so lazy to start this post. here you go, interesting movie of Ryan Gosling's. This is a rather touching story.

The United States of Leland is about a teenage boy Leland Fitzgerald (ryan gosling) who murdered a mentally retard boy named ryan pollard. And the only reason he gave is: sadness.

i do get what he mean. Leland himself, experienced the sadness of losing his grandmother, and travelled all way long to see his father (a very famous author) but father refuse to see him.

Leland has been walking the pollard boy home almost everyday. Leland has been seeing his life ever since he walk him home. for all audience who watched the movie, they don't hate leland for killing the boy. they don't blame him. There is nothing you can do. This is the strongest point in the story.

Often i find myself asking, Is leland that bad? or is he too kind? did he really helped the boy? or ruined his life? is leland the devil? or an angel? i see the retarded boy pollard myself, waiting for his sister to walk him home but the sister never appear; fell in love with a girl, but never had the chance to tell her. of course, his death causes an big impact on the pollard family.

the movie's flow is in one straight line. not so much of up and down. so quiet, so calm, yet you can feel the emotion in it.

Ryan Gosling is a good actor. His acting impressed so many people. and he is doing Leland real good.
Same goes to the other actor and actress. But one thing, i'm so not used to it of Michelle William acting as a "young girl". i always see her as a really matured girl.

The soundtrack, by jeremy enigk, matches the movie very well. And my sister loves all the soundtrack used in it. basically the music is the one that brings out the emotions, the flow runs well with the soundtrack.

i will end my review here.

feel free to comment or post your review on this movie. :)


As Usual~~~~~Pictures~~~

sorry for giving so less information, this is not a really hot movie so not much pictures.


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