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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Red Cliff 2-film Review  

2 Review


With a budget of US$80million, Red Cliff is the most expensive Asian-financed film to date. The movie is based on historical records of "The Chronicles of the Three Kingdom" rather than the novel, "Romance of the Three Kingdom". In the early third century, the land of Wu is invaded by the warlord Cao Cao and his million soldiers. The ruler of Wu, Sun Quan (Chang Chen), calls on the rival warlord Liu Bei (You Yong) for help, but their two armies are still badly outnumbered. However, the strategists Zhou Yu (Tony Leung) and Zhuge Liang (Takeshi Kaneshiro) see that Cao Cao's army is unused to battling on the sea. With 200,000 men, Zhou Yu and Zhuge Liang defeated Cao Cao's army at the Yangtze River.

Language Mandarin
Classification PG13
Running Time 2 hours 16 minutes
Director John Woo
Cast Tony Leung Chiu-wai, Takeshi Kaneshiro, Lin Chi-ling, Vicky Zhao, Chang Chen, You Yong, Zhang Fengyi.


Since i have few hours of time until the discussion of my BIG assignment, i'll post another movie review.

red cliff is claim as biggest budget chinese movie. they have the biggest expenses. for sure the effect and the movie will come out best. i've watch red cliff 1years back. Audience normally get a shock in the end of the movie. cause it is like a "cut" and then "to be continue". so everyone can't wait for red cliff 2.

now that red cliff 2 is out in theatre. and people are saying that red cliff 1 is much more interesting compare to red cliff 2. for me i think that red cliff 2 was better.

First i'll talk about the characters in the movie. Tony Leung, a good actor. Yet, i think that in this movie, he's lacking of something. i couldn't say what is it. just feel like there's an emptyness in it.

Tony Leung as zhou Yu . i rather have takeshi to be zhou yu . in the history, Zhou Yu is a handsome general. Tony leung is a nice looking guy. but i think that takeshi suits the character better. use your imagination.

Tony leung has got a good acting skill. so there's actually not too bad for him to be zhou yu. there's a part where zhou yu showing off his fighting skill in front of Xiao Qiao (chi ling). i've watched many martial art type of film before. And it seems that Tony leung's skill aint that good yet. seems abit heavy to me. and uneasy.

Takeshi plays zhu ge liang well in this movie. he brings out the mysteriousness in him. As what i remember from the chinese history, Zhuge liang indeed is someone smart and mysterious. (correct me if i'm wrong).

nothing much to say about him. it's all clear by his acting. we see zhuge liang in him.

I find some of the story are changed. it's not 100% same with what we've seen in three kingdom's book. perhaps John Woo is taking just part of the story in three kingdom's book. i don't know. i haven't really read the whole book. just a briefing.

They won't be able to put the whole story into this movie anyway. if you want the whole story you will have to find a chinese drama series to understand the whole story. it's very complicated.

The Professional movie critics might find the transition (paper tear style) to be unique, or perhaps interesting. but for me it seems more like a joke. to be honest many people are laughing with the TEAR when i was watching in the cinema. it seems funny to me too. i'd rather see a normal kind of transition. maybe a dip to white?blur effect?i don't know.

i would say the best part of this movie is the battle scene. i don't think there's anyone who doesn't like those scene. Every single battle scene looks so real to me.

and it actually brought me into the movie. like i'm the one killing[heart attack].

Some of the computer effect(which i can see) looks so real to me. and the fire. i don't know whether they're using effects or really burn up a house. cause they look real to me.

i like it when they put Xiao Qiao to leave the base to find cao cao. a weak and pregnant lady like her. going into the "tiger's mouth" like this. create some kind of worriness in me. i was afraid she'd be a burden to Zhou Yu. what if something happen to her?i'm sure everyone think that way =p

The flow of the movie is there. i can picture a chart in my mind. seeing a success in the movie. it was indeed a succesful film to bring out the story of three kingdom in just 2 "episode".

that's my idea of looking into this film. Feel free to post your review of this film. you're always welcome =)

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